The power to track audience emotions.

Emotional analytic tool for professional, team and organization to help you create and share your content.

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Share your awesome-sauce and dive into emotions.

Reamit is an emotional intelligence social focus group platform where you can POST, SHARE and ANALYZE your audiences emotional response to your creative content.

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how it works


The reamit group can share content by posting stories, links, images, and videos.


Seamlessly share and collaborate with group audiences, customers or teammates.

We measure the emotional responses of your audience as they watch your content on their own device.

Reactions influence discussion and the most interesting content rises to the top.


Your results are delivered immediately. Emotional quality score informs your creativity based on emotional feedback.

Optimize content.

intuitive feedback informs the moments to improve media and increase quality of content.

Emotion drives attention and delivers growth.

Understanding human emotion is central to creating successful brands, customer experiences and creative content. After all, emotions influence consumer behavior.

Capture the attentiveness of the audiences emotional asset, signaling attention trajectory.

Encode engaged attention, determined by emotional peaks, which are predictive of reported interest.


Karma score — 5%


Karma score — 2.3%


Karma score — 3%

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Get some questions answered

What is Reamit?

Real-time Emotional Analytics and Micro-expressions Interaction Tool (REAMIT) is built for Content Creators (advertisers, filmmakers and everyday users) who would like to receive focused emotional feedback on their content to better understand how it preforms when appealing to their target audience.

Giving users the power to share creative content and receive quality emotional feedback.

Why Reamit Groups?

Content Creators get no real feedback from their digital audiences during the creation or promotion process. Reamit is a self service app that lets you run biometric focus groups on your content. Offering you unprecedented access to the emotions felt by each viewer in real time.

Emotional analysis lets you reclaim ancient connections with your audience as humans are storytellers that evolved Face-to-Face. The insights gained from focus groups lets you predict and improve the commercial success of creative content before you publicly release them. Content editing becomes an interactive experience as split testing lets you actively isolate the most sentimental moments in your reel. Use Reamit to target the demographics and personas most likely to laugh, smile or cry with your film’s advertising budget. Emotionally engaged viewers become repeat customers and long term fans of your content!

Why are focus groups helpful?

Focus groups allow participants to interact and converse with others while discussing a topic. They are helpful in gathering insights into a group’s actions, thoughts, and feelings. The discussion leads to people building on each other’s ideas, which allows a group to brainstorm about an idea or challenge they are facing.

A focus group lets you collect ideas from a large group of people quickly, but the feedback is less in-depth than what you can collect during 1-on-1 interviews

How long does it take?

Reamit operates in real-time. Once your content has an interaction it will become promptly available.

Do you have a free trial?

We sure do! Test Reamit free for 7 days without entering your credit card. Upload and create as many content as you want using the intuitive features.

What is the difference between Reamit and traditional focus groups?

Traditional focus groups offer customizable survey questions that you can include for each viewer to answer. Reamit does all that and a lot more.

Reamit is a robust membership platform that helps you turn your most passionate fans into focus groups, own and nurture the relationship with them, and deliver unique, ongoing value that delights them.

Reamit offers tools to make it easy to manage your content information and analytics to help you understand and grow your business. Reamit does all this alongside world class, creator-friendly human support to guide creators along the way.

How many viewers can I have in my focus group?

As many or as little as you want.

Scanning people’s faces seems very invasive. How does Reamit deal with privacy concerns and ethical issues?

We take this issue extremely seriously. When we recruit participants they are first made aware in our advertisements that they will be part of our focus groups and that their facial expressions will be recorded and used for marketing and commercial purposes. We don't hide/bury this fact in the "term of contract". In fact we make this explicitly clear in every interaction that they have with us i.e when they download our "Reamitt App" on the google play store, they are told again in the front page that their faces will be tracked and they will be paid for selling us their data. Furthermore we use algorithms to process everything and never release the actual faces images to any of our clients, so everyone's identities are anonymized and protected internally via our encrypted servers. We believe that it's not enough for individuals to "own" their digital data if there is no way for them to monetize on it. Our platform lets people make money by watching videos online. Reamitt’s paid participants must actively consent to sell us their sensitive biometric data. In this respect the trust between Reamitt and our biometric freelancers is something we take extremely seriously!

Is there someone I can talk to about my project?

Absolutely! You can reach us by email. We're happy to help!